What comes to mind when you hear the word growth?

I think: bigger, more, advancement, next level, change, success, progress, maturing. development, increase, improvement.

So, I would say that personal growth is a forward progression which ignites a developmental change during maturation, resulting in an increase from one’s existing state.

I like the idea of forward progression and increase.

Yes! Give me increase!

But wait…

CHANGE was mentioned too.

Growth requires change?

Well sir, that changes things. (haha)

I am pretty sure that the majority of us associate a negative connotation to the word change.

Possibly because we’ve had a not so pleasant experience, which was a byproduct of change. So, despite the promise of better, we fight to remain in that which we know. Knowing is safe. We find solace in the knowing. The unknown or uncertainty is scary. Once fear is experienced, it is embedded in us. Fear has muscle memory. It will engage automatically when something like change triggers it.

My initial thought about change:

Cause for Hesitancy And Negativity to Get Even

Yes. Change is to blame for my rebellion and plot to get back at the aggravators of change.

“So you want change, huh?

Well, I AIN’T GON’ DO IT!”

–Well, without change, there is no growth.

It is evident that something has to give.


I choose increase. Do you?

My new outlook on change:

Continued Healing And Necessary Growth Evolution

When we look at change as a necessary for healing and growth, then it becomes an easier pill to swallow. It isn’t such the villain that we first saw it as. It was actually trying to help all along.

Revelation: Both fear and change acts as a protector, each in its own way. However, fear keeps me in my existing state; whereas, change advances me beyond my existing state. Change is the better protector. Therefore it is the wiser choice.


I love Fantasia’s song, “Neccessary”

All that we go through is for continued healing and necessary growth in order for us to evolve into the being in which we were predestined to be.

By the way, all change doesn’t include hardship, turmoil, and/or struggle. It is our resistance of change that can cause those things to appear. Just as we remember the not so good experience; I am sure that we can recall a great experience with change as well. It is those experiences that we need to keep at our forefront in order to grow.

Growth is automatic. It is us who stops it.

Crystal Ingram

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