Hesayshesay addressed the topic of purpose on our last posts. We talked about a daily checklist to ensure that we Make the Most of Today.

#1 Be and Do with Purpose

I hope you have been able to give yourself a star for fulfilling your purpose each day.

#2 Show Gratitude.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is to show appreciation for, and the return of kindness to. In a nutshell, gratitude is being thankful, and showing that you are indeed thankful.

With Thanksgiving coming near, many are beginning to prep for the ‘season of thanksgiving.’ Families will gather to eat, drink, and be merry. With all things considered, this is truly a year to be thankful for family, life, and health.

Do you know I say that, or hear someone say that every year? “This is a truly a year we all should be thankful for.” Yatta, yatta.

Well, it is a true statement. It is a statement worth its repetition. Each year, month, week, day is one to be thankful for.

Despite what we may encounter, we should approach it all with gratitude.

Does that include the things that may hurt or disappoint?


Receive all things as either a blessing or a lesson.

Thank you!

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