Make the Most of Today

Do all the greatness you can, while you can. It’s not about the quantity of doing, it’s the quality. So, make the most of today by giving your best in whatever you decide to do, no matter the perceived magnitude. It may be minimal to some, but it will resonate in volume to those who matter (starting with self).

Although tomorrow has no guarantee, what if? So, in doing, we must consider that possibility. Make the most of today…with consideration.

Furthermore, if we never get the opportunity to see tomorrow, our actions today can still have an impact on those who will.

***But, how do we make the most of today?***

Use this checklist for a 5-star rating on Making the Most of Today:

  1. Be and Do with Purpose
  2. Show Gratitude
  3. Take Care of Self (article will post 10/17/20)
  4. Grow (article will post 10/24/20)
  5. Pay it Forward (article will post 10/31/20)
I live today as if it's my last,
While viewing each moment through a looking glass. 
Because if tomorrow does come, 
My tomorrow becomes my today,
And it deserves to be treated the same exact way.

Today is indeed what we make it. What will that be?

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